Being Brooke, By: Emma Hart

Being Brooke


My name is Brooke Barker…Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00027]

And I’m a freaking disaster.

No, seriously. I’m a college drop-out working a dead-end job, my best friend Carly’s dog gets more action than I do, and I have more bad dates in my diary than there are movie remakes.

Not to mention I’m completely and utterly in love with Cain Elliott.

The problem? He’s in a relationship. With a girl who’s so plastic she makes Barbie cry herself to sleep with jealousy.

The second problem? He’s my best friend.

My shut-up-and-put-on-Harry-Potter, yes-this-is-your-shirt, help-I-have-no-power, crap-I’m-out-of-tampons, kinda best friend.

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A Place in the Sun By: R. S. Grey

A Place in the Sun


Ratings: 4.5 stars

Pages:  346 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 11th Oct 2016

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Oh, my god! Seriously it looked like the book took me to Italy itself. It was so amazing…

When I started this book, I didn’t know it was a spin off story to the summer games. Georgie’s the sister of Olympics winner Fredrick Archibald… I didn’t know that at first but when there was a conversation between Freddi and Georgie I recall Georgie in Settling the Score – The Summer Games

Georgie was fed up of Her mom’s match making skills so to avoid her and her match making victims she came to Italy. Her main motive was sun bathing, eating lots of gelatos and to fall in love with a hot Italian man and marry him to sunset. (looks like a fairy tale)

The thing you want to know about Georgie is she doesn’t back down so when she lands in Vernazza and small town in Italy she made her way towards Gianluca’s heart. Georgie is full of life and fun. You’ll have fun reading her.

I’D SEEN MOVIES; I knew this was just what the gritty underbelly of the European sex trade must look like. I’d woken up disoriented in a dusty room. Very little light passed through the boarded-up windows and the stench of mildew hung in the air.

I’d known it was bound to happen eventually. My mother had given me great bone structure, and growing up with naff brothers had forced me to cultivate a fantastic (and apparently, highly abductable) personality. I supposed that even with the smell of sick clinging to me, my raw sexual aura had shone through, and now rogue sheikhs and warlords were in the other room trying to outbid one another for me. To save myself, I’d need to somehow dampen my agreeable nature during auction.

Voices sounded out in the hallway, hushed tones I strained to hear. I tried to sit up and then groaned at the effort. They’d likely already put something in my system, possibly via poison dart on the train. I wasn’t tied down or anything, so they’d have taken chemical precautions to ensure I didn’t run away.

And my God! How was her first impression of the town. She often has motion sickness and that’s how her first impression of town was.

It was blue in every direction, different hues painted across the landscape as far as my eyes could see. A cloudless sky met crystal clear waters. Angry waves crashed against the shore, spilling white sea foam over massive granite rocks that had tumbled down from the mountains over the centuries. I pressed my hands to the glass, leaned forward, and gasped, nearly lost in the beauty of it, right before another bout of motion sickness overtook me.

Oh bloody hell.

“Mom! The crazy lady just threw up on me!”

Gianluca has baggage, and I mean lot and lot of baggage and he has. A wall build up around his heart and house so he doesn’t get hurt again literally and figuratively. But Georgie is Georgie she made her way through him through the most important thing to him, the bed and breakfast his grandmother gave him.

Even when working together Gianluca mostly ignore her but she always carried on her one ways conversations. I love how fun Georgie was and her one-sided convoys.

“Why do you insist on wearing those overalls?”

She looked like an overgrown toddler in them.

She grinned and patted her hips. “They’ve got loads of pockets. I stuff candy in them in the morning.”

I didn’t reply, which I knew infuriated her.

“Do you want to know why I stuff candy in my pockets in the mornings?”

“You fancy a bit of diabetes?”

“It’s a reward system. Every time I get you to talk, I reward myself with a piece of chocolate.”

Surly they were working together so they kind of become friends and after a long time it seems like Gianluca has finally opened up to someone though as a friend!

Obviously, Georgia was looking man of her dreams whom she had her HEA with and the attractions between the two was was so much to ignore. But looks little Georgie already has given her heart to Gianluca so will she able to do the casual things he suggested or will be things messed up??!

Georgie is seriously now my favourite character. She was so much fun and I laugh with her and cried with her.

8 Days a Week By: Niraj Satnalika

8 Days a Week



Ratings: 3.5 stars

Pages:  120 pages

Story Format: Single POV

Published Date: 30th Sept 2016

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This a book about a guy, Rohan Nanda, excited to join the sales department. It’s the debut novel written by Niraj Satnalika. First of all, the blurb of the book was very interesting as to what would be the book all about and how his life is going to be both personally and professionally.

I would say it’s not my typical read but something new once in a while is not bad, right? Well this book is totally different form my normal genre. And I enjoyed reading this one.

The book is dived into four parts and each of the part has an interesting name to the relationship. The sections are all created really interestingly.

The book is indeed hilarious with a clear and new story line. There were many Hindi versus which was quite new in reading. And there were many things about the typical Indian Parents and society reactions.

I would say I enjoyed the book but this was not really my cup tea. But those who are interested in reading hilarious and different story go try one out.



Trust (Wrong #3) By: Jana Aston



Ratings: 4.5 stars

Pages:  252 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 30th Oct 2016

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This is the final book in wrong series by Jana Aston. And I am so freaking sad to let all the character go.

This book is about Chloe, Everly’s friend and Boyd, Sophie’s brother. Like I said in Fling – nobody is more awkward than Chloe. Like all three books (including the novella) can be read as standalone. I would highly recommend to read all these books before reading Trust as the prior characters plays a huge role in this book.

Chloe is socially awkward, so when she is nervous around someone she is trying to date she usually goes with the second grader jokes. And she is a second-grade teacher which doesn’t help her situation any more.

“Yeah.” We sit in silence for a moment and then, “Hey, do you want to hear a joke?” Say no. Stop speaking, Chloe.


“Why did the banana go to the doctor?” Yup. I’m telling second-grade jokes.


“Because it wasn’t peeling well!”

Joe nods and does a fake laugh. So I continue, like an idiot. “Wait, I’ve got a better one,” I blurt out. “Why did the jellybean go to school?”


“He wanted to become a Smartie!”

Chloe is strangely attracted to crime series and safety measures but still she ends up in investing room on her second date with the hot shot detective Gallagher investigating her.

“You’re a cop?” I spit out, stunned. I’m suddenly getting a sick feeling this has nothing to do with Cal choking on a cheesesteak.

“No, I’m a federal agent. Your name?” he repeats, pen poised over a notepad.

“Chloe Scott.”

“Miss Scott, you have the tickets?” he asks, jotting my name down onto the pad. It’s regular-sized. Not one of those tiny spiral ones that fit into a pocket like you see on TV. How will he get these notes back to his office? I’m not sure why this fascinates me in this moment, but it does.

“Are you going to handcuff me?” I blurt. Why did I just ask him that? I don’t even see any handcuffs.

“No.” He tilts his head to the side, as if considering it. “Did you want me to?” he asks slowly, eyeing me. I can see a hint of a dimple in his cheek and the skin around his eyes creases as he stares at me. He’s amused.

Well now that was awkward.

Boyd is quit intrigue with her awkwardness and her ability to ruin the date. So, he offers her a copping method and ask her to attend a cousins wedding so that she can practice what’s it’s like to be on a date. Boyd, if you ask me he was very very alpha compared to the other guys Jana has written about.

Boyd’s cocky. And hot. And kinda nice, even though he’s cocky. I’d be a nervous wreck around him if I’d met him on a dating site. Not that we’re dating.

It was a rom-com book but with everything you want to read about. Jana has portrayed every element – humor, love, friendship, angst so wonderfully that you won’t be able to keep the book down.

Now let’s talk about the sex part. If you are wishing to read something extremely hot in the first few chapters you will be disappointed as the intimacy comes after half the book but that doesn’t mean the book is boring or cold. As the humours and her awkwardness will let you read further and further until you completely finish it…

And you will certainly love it if you enjoy the prior three books.

Fling review : Sandra and Gabe’s Story 

Carny By: Simone Sowood



Ratings: 4 stars

Story Format: Dual POVs

Publishing Date: 11th Nov 2016

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I got this book as an arc by the author as an exchange of an honest review

Well the first things I want to say is after reading the blurb of the book I thought the story was quite different from any other books I read.

Here a crany falls for a townie who is from a very orthodox town, where everyone is in everyone’s business.

Goddd!!! Emily’s father was such a tool always looking and maintaining his reputation. Their house was like a few centuries back where girls are dominated over the boys and where women have to answer about her whereabouts rather than a man.

Emily meets Steel, a carny, in a carnival held in her town and to get back to her father she spends time with Steel and that is the new gossip story the entire town.

“Hi, Mom.” My jaw is tight with tension.

“Hi, honey, just phoning to make sure everything’s okay.”

“Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well, you know, just making sure.”

“Have you checked up on Cody?”

There’s silence for a moment before she says, “No, hy would I do that?”

“Um, maybe because he’s younger than me.”

“Well, he knows how to take care of himself.”

“And I don’t?”

Her sigh blasts through the phone. There’s a rustling noise, she must be covering the mic so I can’t hear what she’s saying to my father.

“Honey,” my father is now instead on the phone. “Remember, don’t do anything stupid.”

Where is this even coming from? Has someone texted them about their daughter talking to a carny tonight? I hate being from a small town. How stupid do they think I am? Why don’t they trust me?

“And why would I do that, Dad?”

“Emily, you have to remember what my reputation means in this town. Do not do anything to risk my reputation.”

Seriously? Not, because I love you and don’t want you to get hurt? All that matters is your reputation.

Through gritted teeth, I say, “Don’t worry, Dad, I know how important your reputation is.” More important than me.

His father lock her down in her room and Steel is sent off to another town for some work. If you ask me, it was so much filmy!

Both try to find each other, despite Emily’s situation in her home town. My god people were so damn nosy. I wanted to shout at them for her behalf and tell people to mind their own damn business!

“I’m praying for your family,” the old bitty Barbara behind the counter says.

For my family. Not for me, because I don’t matter one bit to these people. It takes everything in me not to tell her to fuck off. Barbara’s the biggest gossip in this town, and I’m positive I’m her number one topic.

But well, both Steel and Emily find each other and my god, after their parents find out about them getting back together, there was so much drama.  Fhew. There were people following and finding them! God that was so much fun. and sort of crazy too… i mean who in this generation would do such illogical things?!

The entire book was so much entertaining and I love every bit of it!

Fling (Wrong #2.5) By: Jana Aston



Ratings: 4 stars

Pages: 98 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 1st Nov 2016

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Is it something about Jana Aston that I love her books so much. This is the third book she wrote and off course the third I read of hers and I love each and every character in her books to deepest. After reading Right I didn’t know there was book for Sandra and Gabe. But well, more the book more the merrier (I think I did something wrong there, but I don’t care).

So, this third book is short story for Sandra, Sawyers assistant and Gabe, Sawyer’s business partner and best friend. Gabe’s not technically Sandra’s boss but his boss’s best friend and business partner. I liked the way that girl thinks.

I have a crush on my boss’ best friend. 
At least it’s not my brother’s best friend. 
Or my best friend’s brother. 
Or… never mind. It’s all pretty cliche. 

And worse? My boss’ best friend is his business partner. Which sort of makes him my boss too. Okay – it’s not sort of. It’s definite. Gabe Laurent is off limits. Totally off limits. 

So, Gabe and Sandra were introduced in the prior book Right (Sawyer and Everly’s story) and I thought that was it. I mean who would have thought we would also get to read about sweet and awkward behaving Sandra. (Trust me her awkwardness is nothing like Chloe)

The starting of the book is quite interesting if you ask me. Gabe get his hand on sex quiz which Sandra jokingly filled given by her friend Preston in their quarterly meeting. I will suspense it you with the sex quiz questions, don’t want to ruin them for you all.

 Sweet Sandra wants to do dirty things with me.

You know after reading that quiz what did that hot nerd, oh yes i am talking about Gabe, did? he folded the paper in half and kept it in his pockets. The mortification of it was so silly. My God. I laughed so much reading this book. A sweet and quirky and amazing cute book.


Punk 57 By: Penelope Douglas

Punk 57


Ratings: 5 stars

Pages: 371 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 21st Oct 2016

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Wow!!!! After reading the blurb of the books I was confused as anyone else that what this book was all about and let me tell this book is freaking awesome. I have never read any book n this author but I think now I have to read all of her work because oi freaking loved this one. This book was soo self enduring I think. This was all about a girl want to fit in the group of people and have to fake it because she is so awkward.

The start of the story was quite interesting, Misha and Ryen both were pen pals started writing when they were in 5th grade, allotted by their class teacher. But after that first assignment they continue writing to each other. Despite living only 30 miles away from each other, they both made decision to never to search each other on social net or send a photo or anything. Their letters were their lifeline for each other. They use to share each and every single detail of their life and sometimes they exchanged letters more than one time a day. Their letters are something like this.

Dear Misha,

So, have I ever told you my secret shame?

And no, it’s not watching Teen Mom like you. Go ahead and try to deny it. I know

you don’t have to sit there with your sister, man. She’s old enough to watch TV by her-


No, actually, it’s far worse, and I’m a little embarrassed to tell you. But I think

negative feelings should be released. Just once, right?

You see, there’s a girl at school. You know the kind. Cheerleader, popular, gets every-

thing she wants… I hate to admit this, especially to you, but a long time ago I wanted

to be her.

Part of me still does.

You would absolutely hate her. She’s everything we can’t stand. Mean, cavalier,

superficial… The kind who doesn’t have a thought stay in her head too long or else she

needs a nap, right? I’ve always been fascinated with her, though.

And don’t roll your eyes at me. I can feel it.


After seven years of creating this beautiful friendship they were destine to meet at some point of time. right?

Misha was the guitarist in their band and Ryen was in senior year high school. It was sort of like Mean Girls, but the popular one, here, Ryen does this so people don’t ignore her. She was quite awkward at talking but she never wanted to be ignore. Quite a dilemma. But what she was with Misha in her letters was her true self and not some vile bitch she portrays at school.

But when circumstances brought Misha in front of Ryen, his first emotion was betrayal because he never imagined the girl he was falling for was such a crude. So, Misha does what a normal guy would do and ignore all her letters. but Ryen doesn’t like to get ignored so she does something major which no one have expected her to do. Well I was also shock for a bit that she is the one but well you need the outsource for your voice.

Misha takes admission in Ryen’s school, the reason behind him taking the admission is not Ryen but something majorly else. There, the more he sees he sees Ryen the more he despises her.






But after talking to her and after insulting her, he feels for the real Ryen.

Whereas from the start Misha knew who Ryen was, she had no idea. The Guy who insulted her, who kissed like he meant it and which was the best thing she ever felt, that guy was Masen Lawson not Misha Laer.

When secrets are disclosed Misha and Ryen have many stakes to lose and most importantly they have each other to lose which they love more than anything else.

There were so many ups and downs in there I was truly feeling like I was in a roller-coaster. I never wanted to keep the book down and now that I have finished it I want more of them.


Royally Screwed (Royally #1) By: Emma Chase

Royally Screwed


Ratings : 4 stars

Pages: 276 pages

Story format: Dual POVs

Published date: 18th Oct 2016

Amazon Buy

It was fun light and royal read! The things I want in a book — total drama and media gossip… This book has it all.
Royal Prince Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward (yes that’s the name of his royal highness) was send to New York to find his younger brother Henry by his grandmother, queen Lenora. Due to tight situation in their country, Wessco,  Nicholas is supposed to get married after summer to carry on the name and heir to the royals.

I was known before I was born and my name will be blazoned in history long after I’m dust in the ground. Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty…royalty is forever.

But when sweet and responsible Olivia, throws him pie, he is quite intrigue by her as she has no idea who he is.

Their first talk was quite hilarious as Nicholas is arrogant and crude to her.

“Ten thousand dollars.”

I turn around, head tilting.

He clarifies. “Spend the night with me and I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars.”

“To do what?” I laugh, because he’s joking, right?

“The bed is empty and large. Let’s start there and see what happens.”

I glance from him to Simon—to the two guys by the door. “Is this a joke?”

He takes another swig from his flask. “I never joke about money or sex.”

“You want to pay me ten thousand dollars to have sex with you?”

“More than once and in a dozen, different positions. I could” —he makes air quotes— “‘woo’ you, but that takes time.” He taps his watch. A Rolex, diamonds and platinum—easily $130,000. “And I’m pathetically short on time these days.”

I snort, getting over the shock. “I’m not sleeping with you for money.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not a prostitute.”

“Of course you’re not. But you’re young and beautiful, I’m handsome and rich. The more applicable question is why aren’t we fucking already?”

That is a strong argument. Wait—no—no, it’s not. It’s a bad argument. A bad, dirty, wild—crap!

Nicholas seems to enjoy watching me think it over.

And, God, do I think about it. I’ll be thinking about it on repeat down to the smallest—and most well-hung—detail after they’re gone. But fantasies aside, I’m just not the kind of girl to go for something like this in real life.


But whirlwind of small talks and flirty conversation, their attractive increases.

Olivia knows about the limited time for their fling but still she is ready to go to Wessco with Nicholas and try the royal living for the rest of the summer.

Nicholas would do anything to keep Olivia but he is not ready to give up his thorn for her. The first time when Nicholas asked Olivia to stay forever, I was like what dude?! You are getting married and you want your love to be your mistress. Not cool man. But that thought of mine was pick up by Queen Lenora later on.

“You thought you could postpone the wedding for a time—and perhaps you could have. But the fact remains, the day will come when you will be a husband and a father. You will be a king. And what will Olivia be then?”

“Mine,” I growl. “She’ll be mine.”

“The word ‘mistress’ doesn’t carry the same weight it once did, but it is still not a pretty thing to be, Nicholas. And there are no secrets, not in this world, not anymore. You will have a purpose to fulfil, a destiny. You will have the admiration and devotion of a country. And Olivia…will have its scorn. Possibly the derision of the whole world. You’ve seen it play out—time and again. The nannies who take up with their married movie-star employers, the young interns ensnared by powerful men. It’s never the man who is shamed and ruined. It’s always the woman—the other woman—who gets burned at the stake.”

The royals are not what it seems like. There are secrets and everyone is about to expose each other for the sake of royalty. There are people who would kill their own family members if it means to get the crown. Will after these Olivia will able to stay and if she is what about the royal wedding?


Beautiful By: Christina Lauren




Ratings: 5 stars

Pages: 416 Pages

Book Format: Dual POVs

Published date: 4th Oct 2016

Amazon Buy

Another wonderful book by Christina Lauren. I wonder how they can write such amazing book one after another. I read all her Beautiful saga books and I am literally very very sad that the series has come to end. Why? Why would they do such cruel things and not write more?

This book have a new and refreshing couple – Jensen, Hanna’s brother and Pippa, Ruby’s best friend. Similarly, like all Christina Lauren books this book as well have casual sex in it, but it was far more entertaining than the rest. The text messages by Bennett was so much fun. Chloe being the saint and Sara being the monster. (You won’t understand it, if you haven’t read Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger.)

“Bennett just sent this to the group thread: ‘Chloe made me breakfast in bed. It’s two hours later and she hasn’t asked me to fix the garbage disposal yet. Do wives do this kind of thing out of . . . kindness? Please translate.’ ”

The first meeting of Jensen and Pippa was quite normal, like you will find in every other book. They were seat mates on the airplane flying to Boston. But rather than having mile high fun on plane, Jensen purposely ignored Pippa, and her rambling about her ex-boyfriend, Mark, and her moms.

Jensen, was a predictable guy. After getting divorce of four months of marriage, six years ago, he’s still not able to find anyone to date. First I thought he still had feelings for his wife. I mean come on, that’s why he was not able to move on, but the thing is better to be boring than to try something new and exciting. Pippa with her loud and carefree nature and vibrant colour clothes, she was not what Jensen wanted.

But Hanna had already planned a vacation where – Will and Hanna along with Ruby and Niall, were also taking workaholic Jensen and recent heartbroken Pippa.

The best scene I like about this book was the restaurant part, where Pippa and Jensen screams all their problems in pouring rain.


He shook his head, not understanding.

“Say it!” I cried over the roar. “Say whatever it is that’s in your head this second. Whether it’s work, or life, or Becky, or me. Like this!” I sucked in a gulp of freezing air as words nearly burst from me. “I want to hate Mark, but I don’t! I hate that I fell so easily into a relationship that was just a pit stop for him, one that I saw as a possible forever! It never was, and I feel like a fool that I didn’t see it earlier!”

He stared at me for several breaths, water running down his face.

“I hate my job!” I yelled, fists at my sides. “I hate my flat, and my routine, and that it could go on like this forever and I might not have the courage to do anything about it! I hate that I’ve worked so hard but when I look around—compare my life to everyone else’s—it feels like such a small drop in such a massive bucket!”

He looked away, blinking past the fat drops of water on his lashes.

“Don’t make me feel foolish,” I said, reaching out to press my hand to his chest.

Just when I thought he was going to turn away and walk back to the restaurant, he tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and yelled over the roar of the sprinklers: “We might have had kids by now!”

Oh my God.

I nodded, encouraging. He looked back down to me, as if seeking affirmation, and his features changed when he let in the emotions: his expression grew tighter, eyes sharper, mouth a harsh line. “They’d be in school!” he said, wiping a hand down his face, momentarily clearing the water away. “They’d be playing soccer, and riding bikes!”

Things happen, small touches lead to something big and gradually they became something more entirely. In their vacation the entry of Becky, Jensen’s ex-wife was really what not expected.

The best thing which Christina Lauren gave us were the epilogues from the prior books. You will find the epilogues of Beautiful Player (Will and Hanna’s story), Beautiful Stranger (Max and Sara’s story) and Beautiful Bastard (Bennett and Chloe’s story)

Room Hate By Penelope Ward


5 Sweet and Romantic Stars

Sweet romantic and utterly beautiful book.

A story about two best friends who were separated from each other due to misunderstanding and life coming in between. Amelia and Justin hate each other after being childhood best friends. They were drifted apart after Amelia left town, that got the angst and hatred in Justin towards Amelia.

Both little Amelia and little Justin were in kind of cute and sweet love but in that stage where opinions matter and small things are like bigger that the world, you don’t say what’s in your heart in the fear of rejection, so they both kept quiet.

After years, they got back together, when Amelia’s grandmother left her and Justin a house. So now she was force to share it with Justin for the summers.

The first summer brings very angry and utterly hot Justin with his sweet girlfriend to the house. I kind of wanted Jade to be a bitch, because if she was that there was no stopping Amelia and Justin’s love story but on contrary she was super sweet and loving.

Amelia wasn’t jealous over anything with Jade. but she only wanted forgiveness from Justin which was difficult because hello! He was still mad at her for leaving. But there was so much chemistry between them that only you need a spark to light that fire between them.

During the end of the summer they became friends, but no exactly like they were before. They became lest say acquaintance. The next summer brought challenge for of them. Things were changed, situation changed, and people’s feeling were changed too.

I really really loved their story and their journey to be together. But I was kind of sad for Jade in the end because after all the things happened to her she was still a good spirit and didn’t wish anything bad for either of them.