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8 Days a Week By: Niraj Satnalika

8 Days a Week



Ratings: 3.5 stars

Pages:  120 pages

Story Format: Single POV

Published Date: 30th Sept 2016

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This a book about a guy, Rohan Nanda, excited to join the sales department. It’s the debut novel written by Niraj Satnalika. First of all, the blurb of the book was very interesting as to what would be the book all about and how his life is going to be both personally and professionally.

I would say it’s not my typical read but something new once in a while is not bad, right? Well this book is totally different form my normal genre. And I enjoyed reading this one.

The book is dived into four parts and each of the part has an interesting name to the relationship. The sections are all created really interestingly.

The book is indeed hilarious with a clear and new story line. There were many Hindi versus which was quite new in reading. And there were many things about the typical Indian Parents and society reactions.

I would say I enjoyed the book but this was not really my cup tea. But those who are interested in reading hilarious and different story go try one out.



Carny By: Simone Sowood



Ratings: 4 stars

Story Format: Dual POVs

Publishing Date: 11th Nov 2016

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I got this book as an arc by the author as an exchange of an honest review

Well the first things I want to say is after reading the blurb of the book I thought the story was quite different from any other books I read.

Here a crany falls for a townie who is from a very orthodox town, where everyone is in everyone’s business.

Goddd!!! Emily’s father was such a tool always looking and maintaining his reputation. Their house was like a few centuries back where girls are dominated over the boys and where women have to answer about her whereabouts rather than a man.

Emily meets Steel, a carny, in a carnival held in her town and to get back to her father she spends time with Steel and that is the new gossip story the entire town.

“Hi, Mom.” My jaw is tight with tension.

“Hi, honey, just phoning to make sure everything’s okay.”

“Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well, you know, just making sure.”

“Have you checked up on Cody?”

There’s silence for a moment before she says, “No, hy would I do that?”

“Um, maybe because he’s younger than me.”

“Well, he knows how to take care of himself.”

“And I don’t?”

Her sigh blasts through the phone. There’s a rustling noise, she must be covering the mic so I can’t hear what she’s saying to my father.

“Honey,” my father is now instead on the phone. “Remember, don’t do anything stupid.”

Where is this even coming from? Has someone texted them about their daughter talking to a carny tonight? I hate being from a small town. How stupid do they think I am? Why don’t they trust me?

“And why would I do that, Dad?”

“Emily, you have to remember what my reputation means in this town. Do not do anything to risk my reputation.”

Seriously? Not, because I love you and don’t want you to get hurt? All that matters is your reputation.

Through gritted teeth, I say, “Don’t worry, Dad, I know how important your reputation is.” More important than me.

His father lock her down in her room and Steel is sent off to another town for some work. If you ask me, it was so much filmy!

Both try to find each other, despite Emily’s situation in her home town. My god people were so damn nosy. I wanted to shout at them for her behalf and tell people to mind their own damn business!

“I’m praying for your family,” the old bitty Barbara behind the counter says.

For my family. Not for me, because I don’t matter one bit to these people. It takes everything in me not to tell her to fuck off. Barbara’s the biggest gossip in this town, and I’m positive I’m her number one topic.

But well, both Steel and Emily find each other and my god, after their parents find out about them getting back together, there was so much drama.  Fhew. There were people following and finding them! God that was so much fun. and sort of crazy too… i mean who in this generation would do such illogical things?!

The entire book was so much entertaining and I love every bit of it!