A Place in the Sun By: R. S. Grey

A Place in the Sun


Ratings: 4.5 stars

Pages:  346 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 11th Oct 2016

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Oh, my god! Seriously it looked like the book took me to Italy itself. It was so amazing…

When I started this book, I didn’t know it was a spin off story to the summer games. Georgie’s the sister of Olympics winner Fredrick Archibald… I didn’t know that at first but when there was a conversation between Freddi and Georgie I recall Georgie in Settling the Score – The Summer Games

Georgie was fed up of Her mom’s match making skills so to avoid her and her match making victims she came to Italy. Her main motive was sun bathing, eating lots of gelatos and to fall in love with a hot Italian man and marry him to sunset. (looks like a fairy tale)

The thing you want to know about Georgie is she doesn’t back down so when she lands in Vernazza and small town in Italy she made her way towards Gianluca’s heart. Georgie is full of life and fun. You’ll have fun reading her.

I’D SEEN MOVIES; I knew this was just what the gritty underbelly of the European sex trade must look like. I’d woken up disoriented in a dusty room. Very little light passed through the boarded-up windows and the stench of mildew hung in the air.

I’d known it was bound to happen eventually. My mother had given me great bone structure, and growing up with naff brothers had forced me to cultivate a fantastic (and apparently, highly abductable) personality. I supposed that even with the smell of sick clinging to me, my raw sexual aura had shone through, and now rogue sheikhs and warlords were in the other room trying to outbid one another for me. To save myself, I’d need to somehow dampen my agreeable nature during auction.

Voices sounded out in the hallway, hushed tones I strained to hear. I tried to sit up and then groaned at the effort. They’d likely already put something in my system, possibly via poison dart on the train. I wasn’t tied down or anything, so they’d have taken chemical precautions to ensure I didn’t run away.

And my God! How was her first impression of the town. She often has motion sickness and that’s how her first impression of town was.

It was blue in every direction, different hues painted across the landscape as far as my eyes could see. A cloudless sky met crystal clear waters. Angry waves crashed against the shore, spilling white sea foam over massive granite rocks that had tumbled down from the mountains over the centuries. I pressed my hands to the glass, leaned forward, and gasped, nearly lost in the beauty of it, right before another bout of motion sickness overtook me.

Oh bloody hell.

“Mom! The crazy lady just threw up on me!”

Gianluca has baggage, and I mean lot and lot of baggage and he has. A wall build up around his heart and house so he doesn’t get hurt again literally and figuratively. But Georgie is Georgie she made her way through him through the most important thing to him, the bed and breakfast his grandmother gave him.

Even when working together Gianluca mostly ignore her but she always carried on her one ways conversations. I love how fun Georgie was and her one-sided convoys.

“Why do you insist on wearing those overalls?”

She looked like an overgrown toddler in them.

She grinned and patted her hips. “They’ve got loads of pockets. I stuff candy in them in the morning.”

I didn’t reply, which I knew infuriated her.

“Do you want to know why I stuff candy in my pockets in the mornings?”

“You fancy a bit of diabetes?”

“It’s a reward system. Every time I get you to talk, I reward myself with a piece of chocolate.”

Surly they were working together so they kind of become friends and after a long time it seems like Gianluca has finally opened up to someone though as a friend!

Obviously, Georgia was looking man of her dreams whom she had her HEA with and the attractions between the two was was so much to ignore. But looks little Georgie already has given her heart to Gianluca so will she able to do the casual things he suggested or will be things messed up??!

Georgie is seriously now my favourite character. She was so much fun and I laugh with her and cried with her.


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