Trust (Wrong #3) By: Jana Aston



Ratings: 4.5 stars

Pages:  252 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 30th Oct 2016

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This is the final book in wrong series by Jana Aston. And I am so freaking sad to let all the character go.

This book is about Chloe, Everly’s friend and Boyd, Sophie’s brother. Like I said in Fling – nobody is more awkward than Chloe. Like all three books (including the novella) can be read as standalone. I would highly recommend to read all these books before reading Trust as the prior characters plays a huge role in this book.

Chloe is socially awkward, so when she is nervous around someone she is trying to date she usually goes with the second grader jokes. And she is a second-grade teacher which doesn’t help her situation any more.

“Yeah.” We sit in silence for a moment and then, “Hey, do you want to hear a joke?” Say no. Stop speaking, Chloe.


“Why did the banana go to the doctor?” Yup. I’m telling second-grade jokes.


“Because it wasn’t peeling well!”

Joe nods and does a fake laugh. So I continue, like an idiot. “Wait, I’ve got a better one,” I blurt out. “Why did the jellybean go to school?”


“He wanted to become a Smartie!”

Chloe is strangely attracted to crime series and safety measures but still she ends up in investing room on her second date with the hot shot detective Gallagher investigating her.

“You’re a cop?” I spit out, stunned. I’m suddenly getting a sick feeling this has nothing to do with Cal choking on a cheesesteak.

“No, I’m a federal agent. Your name?” he repeats, pen poised over a notepad.

“Chloe Scott.”

“Miss Scott, you have the tickets?” he asks, jotting my name down onto the pad. It’s regular-sized. Not one of those tiny spiral ones that fit into a pocket like you see on TV. How will he get these notes back to his office? I’m not sure why this fascinates me in this moment, but it does.

“Are you going to handcuff me?” I blurt. Why did I just ask him that? I don’t even see any handcuffs.

“No.” He tilts his head to the side, as if considering it. “Did you want me to?” he asks slowly, eyeing me. I can see a hint of a dimple in his cheek and the skin around his eyes creases as he stares at me. He’s amused.

Well now that was awkward.

Boyd is quit intrigue with her awkwardness and her ability to ruin the date. So, he offers her a copping method and ask her to attend a cousins wedding so that she can practice what’s it’s like to be on a date. Boyd, if you ask me he was very very alpha compared to the other guys Jana has written about.

Boyd’s cocky. And hot. And kinda nice, even though he’s cocky. I’d be a nervous wreck around him if I’d met him on a dating site. Not that we’re dating.

It was a rom-com book but with everything you want to read about. Jana has portrayed every element – humor, love, friendship, angst so wonderfully that you won’t be able to keep the book down.

Now let’s talk about the sex part. If you are wishing to read something extremely hot in the first few chapters you will be disappointed as the intimacy comes after half the book but that doesn’t mean the book is boring or cold. As the humours and her awkwardness will let you read further and further until you completely finish it…

And you will certainly love it if you enjoy the prior three books.

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