Beneath These Shadows (Beneath #6) By: Meghan March

Beneath theses shadows


Ratings: 4.5 stars

Pages:  386 pages

Story Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 25th Oct 2016

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Well first of I would like to say that Meghan March is one of my favourites authors and I would never miss a book by her. In Beneath series, Beneath the shadows is the 6th book and I certainly hope it’s not the last one. (because I really really and desperately want to read about Hennessy). everything I mean every freaking about this books was amazing.

This book is of Bishop and Eden. Well I have heard of Bishop just one time in the previous book Beneath These Lies (Valentina and Rix’s story) if he was ever mentioned in 1th Beneath This Mask and 3rd Beneath These Chains book I don’t know because I still haven’t read them.

So, lest cut the chase and let me tell you like all the heroes in Meghan March books, this hero is also caveman and super possessive of what’s his. And certainly, sweet and proper Eden is his. Wonder how tattooed up guy falls for a prime and sweet little girl? Here’s the book for you.

Eden is the daughter of Dominic Casso. You don’t know who Dominic Casso is? Well let me refresh your memory. He has the illegitimate children such as Creighton Karas, Billionaire (The Dirty Billionaire series) and Cavanaugh Westman, Hollywood super-star (Dirty Girl Duet). If you haven’t read the spin off books don’t worry, nothing will clash by reading this one. Just know that Dominic is a well-known mobster and FBIs are after him. So, secure her another illegitimate child Eden, she is sent off to somewhere where no one would know. And that’s how she ended up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Bishop was such a guy, that she is so sweet why would she wants me and I have to protect her and that stuff but my god that possessiveness was super sexy. Fhew.

Something about her called to my most basic instincts. Protect. Claim. Defend. 

Eden wanted to experience her new gain freedom where there no one walking like a shadow to protect she wanted to everything by herself but fate has its own term as she always ends up near Bishop.

There’s no best story with the past coming in between so here it is, Bishop has something very big in his closet and wants to protect Eden from it. But her doesn’t know that his sweet Eden herself is a daughter of a gangster.

The thing I love most about these books is that the character of prior book also play a very significant role in the this book. It like watching a TV series where all the caveman guys are with their better halves or are finding one. Where would I get one of these? Sigh. I love it.



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