Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1), By: J. Daniels

Four Letter Word


Ratings: 5 sizzling stars

Pages: 416 pages

Book Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 4th Oct 2016

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The first thing I want to say about this book is I really freaking loved it. It is totally emotion, comedy and page turner. You won’t be able to keep the book aside for even a minute. Brian’s and Sydney’s story was so new and out of normal.

They both started their friendship by measly a wrong phone call. After failing a marriage of six year, Sydney comes to stay with her best friend, Tori, who also had recently broken up too.  That anger she radiated in calling Tori’s ex but end up calling Brian and calling him all the names she knew.

“You,” I growled, voice vibrating low and sore in my throat. “Stupid, worthless piece of dog shit.”

Tori gasped behind me.

“Excuse me?” Wes sounded put off. “What the fuck—”

“Who the hell do you think you are, huh? And in what universe is a douche bag tool like you able to bag a wife? Is she also a fucking idiot?”

I heard his heavy breathing on the other line, but nothing else. His silence boiled my blood.

“Hello! Remove the dildo from your mouth and fucking speak!”

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled. “Think you might have the wrong number, Wild. I don’t normally suck on dildos after six o’clock on Tuesdays.”
I blinked at the floor.


Was he making fun of me?

He was. He was making a joke, out of me, out of this, out of my best friend’s pain.

I flattened a hand to my chest, feigning regret.

“Oh, I am so, so sorry. I forgot. You’re into ass play. Hard and deep, right? Tori told me all about it. My mistake. Is that something your wife enjoys? Do you take turns fucking each other?”

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You serious?”

After that, they kind of became phone friend. Helped each other recovering from their shitty life. Yes, there were shit in Brian’s life. That phone call was the best thing he had ever had in months and he wasn’t about to end that. So, he started texting and calling Sydney for talking about anything and everything. They were like life-lines for each other. Though Sydney shared her most private and sad parts of her life Brian didn’t even shared his place of work. Sure, there was a little demon behind his actions.

The first time when she called and asked him to stop talking and texting, I was like dude come on you already like and its clear she too likes you, you can at least tell her your last name but he didn’t.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said, lip quivering.

I heard his pull of breath and knew he was about to speak, protest, plea, and I couldn’t hear it so I kept going.

“I can’t keep hoping and holding out, waiting for you to give me what I need, Brian, because I’ll never stop waiting. You know? You said it yourself. You’re just a voice and that’s all you’ll ever be to me and I can’t, I’m not okay with that. I’ll never be okay with that little of you.”

“Send me pictures, Syd,” he begged urgently. “Okay? You wanna send me pictures, send them. Send one right now. I wanna see you.”

“This isn’t about the picture,” I stressed. “How many times have I asked where you live? Or if we could meet up? That’s what I want, Brian. I want to see you. I want to see how you smile and feel your hands against mine. I want to lie next to you and dream with you and I can’t. I’ll …I’ll never have that.”

“Tonight, you know what I did?” I asked. “I let some stranger hold me and comfort me and I let myself think it was you. I imagined your arms and your breath in my hair and it was perfect, it was exactly what I needed because I needed it to be you, Brian. But it wasn’t. It will never be you holding me or catching me. I’m gonna fall and you’re not gonna be there.”

“Syd …”

“No …No!” I dug my nails into my palm and held it at my side. “This is over. It’s over, Brian. Don’t call me again. Don’t text me. I won’t answer. I swear, I won’t.”

“Don’t do this,” he shot in, quiet and quick. “Please, Wild, don’t …don’t do this to me. To us.”

Jamie, Brian’s roommate was quite cool. I mean he was the one who brought Sydney and Brian together. After that their relation was sweet and normal like other couples but there was still a big secret Brian was hiding from Sydney. sure, when she will find out she will freak out like hell but he was taking the chance. And to say that chance cost him big is totally an understatement.

To know Brian’s demon, read Four Letter Words. A totally emotional and page turner. And I love it!! ❤


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