Room Hate By Penelope Ward


5 Sweet and Romantic Stars

Sweet romantic and utterly beautiful book.

A story about two best friends who were separated from each other due to misunderstanding and life coming in between. Amelia and Justin hate each other after being childhood best friends. They were drifted apart after Amelia left town, that got the angst and hatred in Justin towards Amelia.

Both little Amelia and little Justin were in kind of cute and sweet love but in that stage where opinions matter and small things are like bigger that the world, you don’t say what’s in your heart in the fear of rejection, so they both kept quiet.

After years, they got back together, when Amelia’s grandmother left her and Justin a house. So now she was force to share it with Justin for the summers.

The first summer brings very angry and utterly hot Justin with his sweet girlfriend to the house. I kind of wanted Jade to be a bitch, because if she was that there was no stopping Amelia and Justin’s love story but on contrary she was super sweet and loving.

Amelia wasn’t jealous over anything with Jade. but she only wanted forgiveness from Justin which was difficult because hello! He was still mad at her for leaving. But there was so much chemistry between them that only you need a spark to light that fire between them.

During the end of the summer they became friends, but no exactly like they were before. They became lest say acquaintance. The next summer brought challenge for of them. Things were changed, situation changed, and people’s feeling were changed too.

I really really loved their story and their journey to be together. But I was kind of sad for Jade in the end because after all the things happened to her she was still a good spirit and didn’t wish anything bad for either of them.




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