Royally Screwed (Royally #1) By: Emma Chase

Royally Screwed


Ratings : 4 stars

Pages: 276 pages

Story format: Dual POVs

Published date: 18th Oct 2016

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It was fun light and royal read! The things I want in a book — total drama and media gossip… This book has it all.
Royal Prince Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward (yes that’s the name of his royal highness) was send to New York to find his younger brother Henry by his grandmother, queen Lenora. Due to tight situation in their country, Wessco,  Nicholas is supposed to get married after summer to carry on the name and heir to the royals.

I was known before I was born and my name will be blazoned in history long after I’m dust in the ground. Infamy is temporary, celebrity is fleeting, but royalty…royalty is forever.

But when sweet and responsible Olivia, throws him pie, he is quite intrigue by her as she has no idea who he is.

Their first talk was quite hilarious as Nicholas is arrogant and crude to her.

“Ten thousand dollars.”

I turn around, head tilting.

He clarifies. “Spend the night with me and I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars.”

“To do what?” I laugh, because he’s joking, right?

“The bed is empty and large. Let’s start there and see what happens.”

I glance from him to Simon—to the two guys by the door. “Is this a joke?”

He takes another swig from his flask. “I never joke about money or sex.”

“You want to pay me ten thousand dollars to have sex with you?”

“More than once and in a dozen, different positions. I could” —he makes air quotes— “‘woo’ you, but that takes time.” He taps his watch. A Rolex, diamonds and platinum—easily $130,000. “And I’m pathetically short on time these days.”

I snort, getting over the shock. “I’m not sleeping with you for money.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not a prostitute.”

“Of course you’re not. But you’re young and beautiful, I’m handsome and rich. The more applicable question is why aren’t we fucking already?”

That is a strong argument. Wait—no—no, it’s not. It’s a bad argument. A bad, dirty, wild—crap!

Nicholas seems to enjoy watching me think it over.

And, God, do I think about it. I’ll be thinking about it on repeat down to the smallest—and most well-hung—detail after they’re gone. But fantasies aside, I’m just not the kind of girl to go for something like this in real life.


But whirlwind of small talks and flirty conversation, their attractive increases.

Olivia knows about the limited time for their fling but still she is ready to go to Wessco with Nicholas and try the royal living for the rest of the summer.

Nicholas would do anything to keep Olivia but he is not ready to give up his thorn for her. The first time when Nicholas asked Olivia to stay forever, I was like what dude?! You are getting married and you want your love to be your mistress. Not cool man. But that thought of mine was pick up by Queen Lenora later on.

“You thought you could postpone the wedding for a time—and perhaps you could have. But the fact remains, the day will come when you will be a husband and a father. You will be a king. And what will Olivia be then?”

“Mine,” I growl. “She’ll be mine.”

“The word ‘mistress’ doesn’t carry the same weight it once did, but it is still not a pretty thing to be, Nicholas. And there are no secrets, not in this world, not anymore. You will have a purpose to fulfil, a destiny. You will have the admiration and devotion of a country. And Olivia…will have its scorn. Possibly the derision of the whole world. You’ve seen it play out—time and again. The nannies who take up with their married movie-star employers, the young interns ensnared by powerful men. It’s never the man who is shamed and ruined. It’s always the woman—the other woman—who gets burned at the stake.”

The royals are not what it seems like. There are secrets and everyone is about to expose each other for the sake of royalty. There are people who would kill their own family members if it means to get the crown. Will after these Olivia will able to stay and if she is what about the royal wedding?



Beautiful By: Christina Lauren




Ratings: 5 stars

Pages: 416 Pages

Book Format: Dual POVs

Published date: 4th Oct 2016

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Another wonderful book by Christina Lauren. I wonder how they can write such amazing book one after another. I read all her Beautiful saga books and I am literally very very sad that the series has come to end. Why? Why would they do such cruel things and not write more?

This book have a new and refreshing couple – Jensen, Hanna’s brother and Pippa, Ruby’s best friend. Similarly, like all Christina Lauren books this book as well have casual sex in it, but it was far more entertaining than the rest. The text messages by Bennett was so much fun. Chloe being the saint and Sara being the monster. (You won’t understand it, if you haven’t read Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger.)

“Bennett just sent this to the group thread: ‘Chloe made me breakfast in bed. It’s two hours later and she hasn’t asked me to fix the garbage disposal yet. Do wives do this kind of thing out of . . . kindness? Please translate.’ ”

The first meeting of Jensen and Pippa was quite normal, like you will find in every other book. They were seat mates on the airplane flying to Boston. But rather than having mile high fun on plane, Jensen purposely ignored Pippa, and her rambling about her ex-boyfriend, Mark, and her moms.

Jensen, was a predictable guy. After getting divorce of four months of marriage, six years ago, he’s still not able to find anyone to date. First I thought he still had feelings for his wife. I mean come on, that’s why he was not able to move on, but the thing is better to be boring than to try something new and exciting. Pippa with her loud and carefree nature and vibrant colour clothes, she was not what Jensen wanted.

But Hanna had already planned a vacation where – Will and Hanna along with Ruby and Niall, were also taking workaholic Jensen and recent heartbroken Pippa.

The best scene I like about this book was the restaurant part, where Pippa and Jensen screams all their problems in pouring rain.


He shook his head, not understanding.

“Say it!” I cried over the roar. “Say whatever it is that’s in your head this second. Whether it’s work, or life, or Becky, or me. Like this!” I sucked in a gulp of freezing air as words nearly burst from me. “I want to hate Mark, but I don’t! I hate that I fell so easily into a relationship that was just a pit stop for him, one that I saw as a possible forever! It never was, and I feel like a fool that I didn’t see it earlier!”

He stared at me for several breaths, water running down his face.

“I hate my job!” I yelled, fists at my sides. “I hate my flat, and my routine, and that it could go on like this forever and I might not have the courage to do anything about it! I hate that I’ve worked so hard but when I look around—compare my life to everyone else’s—it feels like such a small drop in such a massive bucket!”

He looked away, blinking past the fat drops of water on his lashes.

“Don’t make me feel foolish,” I said, reaching out to press my hand to his chest.

Just when I thought he was going to turn away and walk back to the restaurant, he tilted his head back, closed his eyes, and yelled over the roar of the sprinklers: “We might have had kids by now!”

Oh my God.

I nodded, encouraging. He looked back down to me, as if seeking affirmation, and his features changed when he let in the emotions: his expression grew tighter, eyes sharper, mouth a harsh line. “They’d be in school!” he said, wiping a hand down his face, momentarily clearing the water away. “They’d be playing soccer, and riding bikes!”

Things happen, small touches lead to something big and gradually they became something more entirely. In their vacation the entry of Becky, Jensen’s ex-wife was really what not expected.

The best thing which Christina Lauren gave us were the epilogues from the prior books. You will find the epilogues of Beautiful Player (Will and Hanna’s story), Beautiful Stranger (Max and Sara’s story) and Beautiful Bastard (Bennett and Chloe’s story)

Four Letter Word (Dirty Deeds #1), By: J. Daniels

Four Letter Word


Ratings: 5 sizzling stars

Pages: 416 pages

Book Format: Dual POVs

Published Date: 4th Oct 2016

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The first thing I want to say about this book is I really freaking loved it. It is totally emotion, comedy and page turner. You won’t be able to keep the book aside for even a minute. Brian’s and Sydney’s story was so new and out of normal.

They both started their friendship by measly a wrong phone call. After failing a marriage of six year, Sydney comes to stay with her best friend, Tori, who also had recently broken up too.  That anger she radiated in calling Tori’s ex but end up calling Brian and calling him all the names she knew.

“You,” I growled, voice vibrating low and sore in my throat. “Stupid, worthless piece of dog shit.”

Tori gasped behind me.

“Excuse me?” Wes sounded put off. “What the fuck—”

“Who the hell do you think you are, huh? And in what universe is a douche bag tool like you able to bag a wife? Is she also a fucking idiot?”

I heard his heavy breathing on the other line, but nothing else. His silence boiled my blood.

“Hello! Remove the dildo from your mouth and fucking speak!”

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled. “Think you might have the wrong number, Wild. I don’t normally suck on dildos after six o’clock on Tuesdays.”
I blinked at the floor.


Was he making fun of me?

He was. He was making a joke, out of me, out of this, out of my best friend’s pain.

I flattened a hand to my chest, feigning regret.

“Oh, I am so, so sorry. I forgot. You’re into ass play. Hard and deep, right? Tori told me all about it. My mistake. Is that something your wife enjoys? Do you take turns fucking each other?”

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You serious?”

After that, they kind of became phone friend. Helped each other recovering from their shitty life. Yes, there were shit in Brian’s life. That phone call was the best thing he had ever had in months and he wasn’t about to end that. So, he started texting and calling Sydney for talking about anything and everything. They were like life-lines for each other. Though Sydney shared her most private and sad parts of her life Brian didn’t even shared his place of work. Sure, there was a little demon behind his actions.

The first time when she called and asked him to stop talking and texting, I was like dude come on you already like and its clear she too likes you, you can at least tell her your last name but he didn’t.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I said, lip quivering.

I heard his pull of breath and knew he was about to speak, protest, plea, and I couldn’t hear it so I kept going.

“I can’t keep hoping and holding out, waiting for you to give me what I need, Brian, because I’ll never stop waiting. You know? You said it yourself. You’re just a voice and that’s all you’ll ever be to me and I can’t, I’m not okay with that. I’ll never be okay with that little of you.”

“Send me pictures, Syd,” he begged urgently. “Okay? You wanna send me pictures, send them. Send one right now. I wanna see you.”

“This isn’t about the picture,” I stressed. “How many times have I asked where you live? Or if we could meet up? That’s what I want, Brian. I want to see you. I want to see how you smile and feel your hands against mine. I want to lie next to you and dream with you and I can’t. I’ll …I’ll never have that.”

“Tonight, you know what I did?” I asked. “I let some stranger hold me and comfort me and I let myself think it was you. I imagined your arms and your breath in my hair and it was perfect, it was exactly what I needed because I needed it to be you, Brian. But it wasn’t. It will never be you holding me or catching me. I’m gonna fall and you’re not gonna be there.”

“Syd …”

“No …No!” I dug my nails into my palm and held it at my side. “This is over. It’s over, Brian. Don’t call me again. Don’t text me. I won’t answer. I swear, I won’t.”

“Don’t do this,” he shot in, quiet and quick. “Please, Wild, don’t …don’t do this to me. To us.”

Jamie, Brian’s roommate was quite cool. I mean he was the one who brought Sydney and Brian together. After that their relation was sweet and normal like other couples but there was still a big secret Brian was hiding from Sydney. sure, when she will find out she will freak out like hell but he was taking the chance. And to say that chance cost him big is totally an understatement.

To know Brian’s demon, read Four Letter Words. A totally emotional and page turner. And I love it!! ❤

Room Hate By Penelope Ward


5 Sweet and Romantic Stars

Sweet romantic and utterly beautiful book.

A story about two best friends who were separated from each other due to misunderstanding and life coming in between. Amelia and Justin hate each other after being childhood best friends. They were drifted apart after Amelia left town, that got the angst and hatred in Justin towards Amelia.

Both little Amelia and little Justin were in kind of cute and sweet love but in that stage where opinions matter and small things are like bigger that the world, you don’t say what’s in your heart in the fear of rejection, so they both kept quiet.

After years, they got back together, when Amelia’s grandmother left her and Justin a house. So now she was force to share it with Justin for the summers.

The first summer brings very angry and utterly hot Justin with his sweet girlfriend to the house. I kind of wanted Jade to be a bitch, because if she was that there was no stopping Amelia and Justin’s love story but on contrary she was super sweet and loving.

Amelia wasn’t jealous over anything with Jade. but she only wanted forgiveness from Justin which was difficult because hello! He was still mad at her for leaving. But there was so much chemistry between them that only you need a spark to light that fire between them.

During the end of the summer they became friends, but no exactly like they were before. They became lest say acquaintance. The next summer brought challenge for of them. Things were changed, situation changed, and people’s feeling were changed too.

I really really loved their story and their journey to be together. But I was kind of sad for Jade in the end because after all the things happened to her she was still a good spirit and didn’t wish anything bad for either of them.